In Leila Wedding Planners our top priority is the happiness of the bride and groom on their big day!


What do I love about weddings? Creating unique moments in spectacular settings where two families, two or more cultures, many traditions, and thousands of emotions merge.

The secret to our success: having a work partner who is also my life companion. We have distinct tastes, styles, and approaches, but these differences help  ensure that we take care of both the big picture and each small detail to fulfill your every wish.

Birthplace: La Patagonia,  Argentina which is also the  birthplace  of my family and life-long friends.

My place in the world: Mexico and its Caribbean.  I´ve been living here for 16 years with my treasures (spouse and children). It is here where I discovered my passion for planning weddings and made my own family and many exceptional friends. I chose to study tourism because it is my passion to serve others.

What do I enjoy? Spending time in nature and making those who put their trust in me happy!


Get what you want in life but never forget to be HAPPY!




Leila Perdomo

What do I love about weddings? I especially enjoy those hours before it all happens on the big day. I love being part of the process of transforming a place and time into what becomes the perfect setting and moment for a couple to exchange their vows.  It is the greatest pleasure one can have-- and the reason we started our company.

The secret to our success: understanding that each wedding is full of emotions and absolutely unique. A wedding is, perhaps, the most important day two souls will share; it is the culmination of one story and the start of a new one together. Allowing us to organize that day for you will be an honor and a responsibility we don’t take lightly.

Birthplace: Cuernavaca, Morelos where I lived my first 30 years and studied Industrial Engineering.

My place in the world: anywhere that can be shared with my loved ones and enjoy nature.

What do I enjoy? I enjoy many things in life, but I consider life with my family and friends a true privilege.




Víctor Hugo Barrera